Wednesday, March 13, 2019

...empty. What a surprise! By Alyssa

Stumbling to his feet he pulls himself up wobbling side to side.
In order to get his vision back, he stands for awhile.
“HELP!” he screams.
Peering around him, all he sees is clear blue sky and white sand beneath his toes.

Wondering across the burning sand he sees a shining glass.
Picking up speed his legs sprints over to the container.
Cupping it over his mouth to trys take a sip but its empty. What a surpise!
He sits down sobbing.
Will anyone find me? Will I die out here alone? Questions run through his brain.

By Alyssa

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  1. star:i liked your ending. wish:i wish you would write more so i can read more.By Aionee