Friday, May 3, 2019

Deadly Beavers By Dacoda

Deadly Beavers

When I look from the top of the hill I see a burnt down

I see a burnt down massacre with beavers wrapped around
with weird bat wings but 2x the size so they get fully covered
by the wings.They must've tried to get the lake witch is on
the other side of the trees.

I smell meat but when  I get closer I fall down the hill and I get
up and the smell of the meat with ashes all around them.

When I smell the old meat I go touch the beavers to see if they
are still alive and one of the beavers went crazy when I touched
it and it ran to the lake so it can get water because it was

This is not normal for people to walk upon by the way the other
beavers are dead.

By Dacoda

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