Friday, May 3, 2019

Evil Beavers by James

Evil Beavers

I see a land full of evil beavers

Over the hill  im up on the hill crossing the trench and i see
black coats and a bit of orange and green misty frosty grass.
The water is changing to brown n white everytime a beavers
steps into it .

Burnt rotting beavers that have b.o smell of old trees and an
old smelly trench.

I hear the beavers screaming and then.It’s like the birds dying.
Bombs going off birds getting blown up.

I touch them they fade away.I walk down the hill.I trip over.My
foot gets stuck in a trap i get my foot out and limp down the hall.
I see evil beavers.I hide I sneak up on them.I attacked them.
They realise me.I got eatean by the eveil beavers.

This did not workout.that was not normal.


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