Friday, May 3, 2019

Flood by Elye


Rain drops the sizes of a rock falling from the sky
hitting the flude as it get bigger and bigger and mudea
and mudea.

After ten minutes thunder start rumbling and the clouds
get darker. I quickly think I need to get to showter.

As it go into the dark the flade is slowly getting bigger.
I decided to have a sleep for about 30 minutes.

When I roll over … I tremble down a bank and in to the
flude. I slowly get back to my feet spitting mud out over
my mouth. I think to myself why am I here.

By Elye.


  1. Very good story!
    Nice use of time,very specific.

    One improvement you could make: learn your spelling words, the more you know, the better you write!

  2. Hi Elye good description of the rain what is flued or flade

  3. Hi Elye

    I love the description you have given for the rain drops. It really drew me into this 100WC. The question you have posed at the end of the story leaves the reader really wondering more. Great job.

    Helen, Team 100WC
    New Zealand