Friday, May 3, 2019

The Land Of Darkness By Aionee

The Land Of Darkness

Darkness surrounds me as I stare at a disturbing scene.

Mysterious creatures slowly slither along to a river of 
black gloop like they’re about to die.  Finally they stop, all 
they do is sit there waiting for something to happen.

All I hear is gusts of winds blowing into my ears. The 
screeching sound of snapping trees echo Through the air. 
Sizzling noises come from the creatures slimy wings.

I quickly rush down to the ugly creatures.
There wings feel like a pool full of slime
Black gloop follows the stream towards the creatures.

Creatures surround me with there long tongues wrapping 
around me. Get me out of here
By Aionee


  1. whoa great language it really gets you going it reminds me of the movie I zombie

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. Hi Aionee,
    I enjoyed reading your poem. Well done.
    It painted a very scary, disturbing story in my mind.
    I'm wondering why you rushed down to these disturbing creatures?
    I hope you get out of there! FAST!
    Good work this week.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

  3. Aionee Nuku - tino pai to mahi. Love the language you have used, what visual imagery! Super proud you have been recognised for all the hard work internationally!