Friday, May 3, 2019

No Man's Land by Jackson

No Man's Land

Birds screech scattering mysteriously as, loud monstrous sounds
come from north land.

Next minute later war cry’s happen along with rifles firing off
followed up with frag grenades self detonating off and blowing up
the landscape

But out of the blue it was suddenly quite surprisingly. Not even a
screech or a war cry, a from a rifle bang and a boom from frag
grenades Not even a single one. thinking it can’t be right. the noises
do not render in to my ears am i deaf i say to myself.

Suddenly my brain takes over forcing me to head to north land.

Arriving i see creators and trenches along with little sparky flames
still going on as trees snapped in halves and the taste of fear and
rage, smelling the musk of new fresh dead soldiers, and streams of
blood flow.

Its looks to be called no man’s land. Running before…

By Jackson

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  1. Kia ora Jackson I really like how much description you used, next time what I woukd like to hear more of, is some action words.