Friday, May 3, 2019

The Darkness by Lilly-Jo

Misty Darkness

Misty and swampy ground surrounds my sore feet.

The smell of rotten food and wood slowly makes me 
gag.The swamp smells like rotten eggs that slowly 
creep up my nose.

Out of the blue l see creatures wearing wigs and a cape.
In my mind l was thinking they looked ugly.

Suddenly l hear screams coming from the distance l 
start running l tripped up on tree stump...

Will l make it out here alive.

By Lilly-Jo


  1. What a great story lilly-jo you have really put thought into your words. All the action and drama just makes me wish it was a movie and you have left a great clif hanger i want to read more keep up the great writing

  2. Star- i love your descriptive words in your story, and i love the end, it leaves me wondering.