Friday, May 3, 2019

The Place By Zayden

The Place

Walking through what appears to be a bomb site or Thor’s
axe throwing spot because there was these mysterious
looking objects all around the place with a low mist that gave
it a  creepy vibe.

Anyways the smell was pretty bad it was like a murky water
smell or ah! Beer, beer is what it smelt like or gunpowder I
don't know.

What I could hear was just the most loudest and weirdst
screeches I’ve ever heard that wasn't from my sisters.

By now I could see the end and I hit one of the weird objects
(by accident) and it just ploped over like a dead body like what!  
So I just gapped it to the end like the  flash. Once I was out I was
having mixed thoughts like, was it a bomb site or what I thought
it was! Was it like a body dump! Is this real?! Fake?! So I just left
and never came back,boom the end.

By Zayden

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