Friday, May 3, 2019

The War by Jack


As I walk around trying to find an opening to set camp up.I 
find one,but all I see is army men and tanks.Where they have 
all ready been there is a destructor for my camp.

I don’t feel safe because all I hear are grand big BOMBS 
blasting off. Well tanks are firing and men blasting there guns,
with all there might.

All I can smell is flesh Berning and oil on fire from tanks.BOMB 
as one of the tanks get demolished and recked by an enemy’s.I 
think to myself should I cement going or run away.I “SCEAM” I’m 
going to hide in fear.

All it sounds like is elephants fight for their lives.

By Jack 


  1. Kia ora Jack
    I really like your last sentence, as it paints a picture in my mind and that it is a lone sentence.
    next time, check that what you write makes sense to the reader.

  2. ROCK ON!!!
    great usage of explosions.
    you could work on your spelling so you don´t get any words wrong.
    AMAZING job though!