Friday, May 3, 2019

The Unknown Darkness by Jessica

The Unknown Darkness 

Darkness slaps me in the face as I take a step forward. Old 
branches crumble beneath my feet. I take another step forward 
wondering where it’s going to take me. I hear faint voices telling 
me don’t step forward. 

Dark and misty fog scatters along the big crumbling landscapes 
along with old dead trees and flooding. I’m standing still trying 
not to make a sound as I watch the trees float away along with 
broken off branches and leaves. The water is like a stew it’s 
mushy with decomposing leaves and branches scattered all 
throughout the water.

The dirty odour lurking in the mid air makes me gag I try not to 
vomit. The stench of rotten trees and decomposing animal bodies 
was the most disgusting smell I couldn’t hold it in I vomit.

By Jessica

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