Friday, May 3, 2019

The Come Back of Slimy Bats by Hayley T

The Come Back of Slimy Bats

Foggy, swampy land surrounds me as I step into a recently 
flooded area, I’m terrified, nervous ; I don’t like this place at all.

The smell of rotten tree stumps, liquid drift  wood and smoke 
woof up my nostrils, so does the stench of green fuzzy moss 
and the muddy odour of the swamp.

I can hear heavy breathing, of what people say as “ bat people 
with coconut hats and wings “ and the crackling of the charcoal 
from the fire’s from the night before.

Viscous ground moles with slimy wings is what they look like, 
smoke fogs the area. I touch a slimy wing and...

I get pulled into a dark deep hole. Am I going to live?  

By Hayley  T

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